Molly and Matt at Nineteen XIX

In February I photographed Molly and Matt’s wedding at Nineteen (XIX) in center city. A stunning dress, a gorgeous balcony view, a super sweet self-marrying ceremony, and one lovely couple (who braved the 30 degree weather). I couldn’t have asked for a better time. Here are a few images.Molly-Matt-130.jpgMolly-Matt-143.jpg The rest will be posted soon.

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Two Couples, Two Weddings!

I received too many emails from people I want to meet and photograph. I decided to pick two weddings. Yeah, yeah, I gotta stop doing that, I know. Can’t help it. Anyways, here they are!


Katherine and Daniel wrote me an email that could hardly contain their excitement about the giveaway and about their wedding ideas. From what I’ve seen in their entry, Katherine’s blog, and their wedding website, they are so sweet and so incredibly excited. They live in NY but they’re planning a “modern fiesta” on a ranch in their hometown in Texas. The whole email was more of a train-of-thought mesh of all her exciting ideas, and when someone is that excited about what they’re making (and about what my work would add to that) its pretty contagious, and hard to say no. The best work is made under those conditions. Can’t wait to meet you guys!


 A little bit about Sarah and Thorsten- they met through an internet search gone awry: (from Sarah)
“I was doing an internship in Germany, posted on a local internet forum with a plea for help after not finding any bike shops that could assist me. He did an unrelated google search regarding bikes, and stumbled on my post. He mailed. Bike was repaired. We took a ride…. A few weeks later (despite being madly in love), I returned to America to finish my studies. We skyped. and skyped. and skyped. 9 months later, I was back in Germany, and 4.5 years later after our fated and unintended discovery of one another, we are planning our wedding.”

Sarah has been having a hard time finding a photographer she can work with who can understand her translated english-to-german vision. That’s where I come in! They’re getting married in a country house built around the turn of the century in the hilly vineyards of Beilstein, Germany. Sarah wants “ the beauty of the location and nature to be the highlight of the day, decor will come only as an accent…I’m hoping to tie together German woody history with American shine+pop”. I love that. From her long and detailed email, I really got the sense that she understood what I aim to do with my work, and everything just kinda clicked. And of course, a beautiful location just makes it that much better! :) Can’t wait to make some awesome stuff with you guys!

Thanks so much, again, to everyone who entered. It was an incredibly tough decision. I’d be lucky to shoot each of your weddings, they were all amazing. And a special thanks to 100 Layer Cake for having awesome readers :)

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A Wedding Giveaway

I’m SO excited to make this announcement, so I’m gonna go right into it: I’m giving away a full day of wedding photography. For free. Sarah-Casey-356

Now I’ll backtrack: Last year I held a contest for a free engagement session. I met so many incredible people and made great friends. It was really rewarding. I want to do it again, but now with an entire wedding.

I’d like to take photos of a couple with a creative and unique take on their wedding. Shooting a wedding is a complete collaboration. You plan exactly what you want. You make it beautiful. You choose a photographer that will understand you and whose style compliments yours. Your photographer comes in and creates great images with you and with everything you’ve put together. When all of that fits, beautiful things are created. So if you want to make something awesome with me, free of charge, here is how to enter:

Who can enter:
-anyone who loves my work and my style
-anyone getting married in 2013 or the first half of 2014
*elopements or small intimate gatherings also qualify

What is included:
-10 hours of wedding photography
-a disc of high resolution images
-an online slideshow and an online ordering gallery

I’ve been getting questions about travel, so to clarify:
-There is no travel fee for weddings in the Philadelphia and NYC area. Its included.
-If your wedding is elsewhere in the North East, the flat fee is $400
-If your wedding is anywhere else in the world, you are still encouraged to enter! You’ll just need to cover my estimated travel costs to your area.

Albums, extra hours, second shooters and engagement sessions can be added on separately.

To enter, send me an email at katch(at)katerynsilva(dot)com with the following:
1. write WEDDING GIVEAWAY + YOUR WEDDING DATE in the subject line
2. where is your wedding taking place? (venue + city)
3. tell me about yourselves and your wedding: inspiration, details, plans.
4. feel free to send photos (of yourselves, your venue, your inspiration, whatever…)
5. go HERE and look around. Like it if you want. It won’t increase your chances of winning, but it will make me happy :)

My availability is the first thing I’ll look at. So if your wedding date is still flexible, please make that clear in your email.

Submission deadline is March 9th at midnight. The winner will be announced on my FB page and on my blog the following week.



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Our Wedding

I’ve been itching to post my wedding photos on here, but I’ve been patiently waiting. I heard that 100 Layer Cake would be featuring our wedding on their blog today so I didn’t want to post them publicly (other than to my personal friends on fb) until then! Well today is the day! So now you can view the post here to see what our day looked like. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Things didn’t go exactly as planned (the rain, the hail) but I still wouldn’t change a thing about it. Read a little about it there! Photos by the amazing James Moes


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The Love of Sarah and Casey

What will stick with me the most from Sarah and Casey’s wedding is the amount of emotion everybody experienced that day. From their preparations before the wedding, to the epic dance party with the West Philly Orchestra at night.

What I kept hearing all day, in so many different ways, was “Sarah and Casey are a perfect match”.

I heard it in their self-marrying ceremony, the many many toasts given, and the random comments overheard. I obviously don’t know them nearly as well as their long-time friends do, but  after meeting them for coffee a while before the wedding, and closely observing them from afar the entire wedding day, by the end of the day it was also so obvious to me: Sarah and Casey are truly an amazing match.

I will be posting a gallery later today on my website. For now, I leave you with one image:Sarah-Casey-283.jpg

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