back from TX

Kory and I just got back from an awesome trip to TX. Climbing, cave exploring, and overall nature lovin’. Heres  a quick one I took of us getting ready to climb:

[A sidenote: I came back to so many amazing emails in my inbox. Thanks so much to everybody who entered, I'll be posting the result (I don't want to use the word "winner")  this week. Each couple was awesome, I'd be lucky to shoot each of your weddings.0H5A6657.jpg]

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I have been debating whether to post this for a while now, but I finally decided I’m going to be brave.

I’ve been working on self portraits of a different kind lately. I’ve shot boudoir sessions here and there, but I mostly don’t love the work I’ve produced from them. I’m happy with many of the individual shots, but the overall body of work doesn’t exactly reflect my vision. I realized I’ve been too worried about pleasing the client and I’ve let that crowd my creativity (pleasing the client is very important, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes you need a little more freedom and a little more trust to really put your best work out there. And I had never felt confident enough to push for it).

So I decided to take my self portraits there. Inspired by my own boudoir. I thought about just hiring a model and directing my own shoot, but sometimes I just had the urge to shoot, I had an exact vision, the light streaming through the window was perfect, and I didn’t have the time to plan ahead. So I just did it.I grabbed my tripod and started shooting. It turned into several days of shooting, when the time was right, when the light was right, and when I had lots of creative energy flowing. It also takes way longer because of all the chimping after a sequence of shots, back and forth from my posing to the tripod. And when the light wasn’t right I grabbed my lights and turned our apartment into a studio.

I wanted the images to be more about being confident, stylish, and comfortable. Less about showing skin in lingerie, and more about documenting the mood of beauty and confidence without affecting it. I also wanted it to have a tiny flair of fashion. A semi-boudoir shoot.

Enough explaining. Here are some shots. I included one in which Button, one of our kittens, made a surprise appearance. She’s so funny.

20130206boudoir-058.jpg 20130206boudoir-075.jpg
20130206boudoir-101.jpg20130206boudoir-100.jpg 20130206boudoir-109.jpg 20130206boudoir-204.jpg IMG_1563.jpg IMG_1611.jpg IMG_1693.jpg IMG_1792.jpg


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a little physical training

We climb 3 days a week. After every climb, we come home and do some physical training for climbing–stretching, pull-ups, push-ups, some weight stuff. Since we’re so incredibly tired, we often end up laying lifeless on the yoga mat for a while after our session. Before this particular session I decided to aim the tripod and set the remote to fire repeatedly. This is one of the images that came out from that. Its little moments like this that I love so much. (and for an additional touch of humor, the kitten played with my hair the whole time we laid there mustering up the strength to get up. I was too tired to stop her)20130210yoga-037.jpg

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