back from TX

Kory and I just got back from an awesome trip to TX. Climbing, cave exploring, and overall nature lovin’. Heres  a quick one I took of us getting ready to climb:

[A sidenote: I came back to so many amazing emails in my inbox. Thanks so much to everybody who entered, I'll be posting the result (I don't want to use the word "winner")  this week. Each couple was awesome, I'd be lucky to shoot each of your weddings.0H5A6657.jpg]

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a little physical training

We climb 3 days a week. After every climb, we come home and do some physical training for climbing–stretching, pull-ups, push-ups, some weight stuff. Since we’re so incredibly tired, we often end up laying lifeless on the yoga mat for a while after our session. Before this particular session I decided to aim the tripod and set the remote to fire repeatedly. This is one of the images that came out from that. Its little moments like this that I love so much. (and for an additional touch of humor, the kitten played with my hair the whole time we laid there mustering up the strength to get up. I was too tired to stop her)20130210yoga-037.jpg

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Self Engagement Shoot in Montana

Who says you can’t be your own photographer? When Kory and I decided to get married, we couldn’t contain our excitement and wanted to commemorate this decision. We were in Montana when we started planning. We decided we wanted to get married in Montana. We wouldn’t be back until the wedding, so we decided to take some photos with the beautiful Montana landscape. When we go on trips, we sometimes end up with tons of photos of just Kory, and some photos of just me. Someone has to hold the camera, right? Well luckily I had brought my tripod with me. It was PERFECT! I had Kory stand in for all shots while I set up the camera on tripod, framed it, set the exposure, did my photographer thing, etc etc. Then I’d join him in the frame, and start click-click-clicking away at my timed remote. We posed deliberately for some. We just relaxed and let the shutter click away for others, as we talked, joked, and just hung out. That’s really the best way to get great honest photos, and its how I conduct photo shoots when I’m photographing other people as well. It worked like a charm! Sure, we ended up with a ton of blinking, open mouths, awkward poses, mid-action stuff, but in between the goofy throw-outs, we were able to get some pretty great shots of the both of us just being us.

We had a lot of fun doing it, and it actually can teach a photographer a lot about being in front of the camera and directing a subject. It took way longer than a regular shoot would have taken, since I was both photographer and model, but I’m so glad we did it. We ended up using some of these shots for our Save the Dates, Invitations, and Wedding Website. I’ve posted a few photos below, but you can see way more HERE on my site.  Not to worry though, I won’t attempt to be my own wedding photographer. We’ve asked the amazing James Moes to do that. Can’t wait!

After Montana we were visiting my family in Florida and decided to have another mini self-portrait shoot on the beach. Those will come later!

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