self portraits

I’ve always taken a lot of self portraits. For fun, for a creative outlet, for emotional release, for lack of having a model available at all times. Whatever the reason, it has always been an interesting way to explore my own creative process. Through the second half of last year I lost myself in work and business and I neglected my personal growth as a photographer. Shooting for myself, with my own vision and story, is really important to me. Self portraits push me out of my comfort zone and challenge me [physically and creatively]. Self portraits can seem pretty vain, and in all honestly, I’m okay with that. That’s not why I do it. A by-product is sometimes self confidence. Other times, its uncertainty and self consciousness. It can be scary to put myself out there like this, for others to judge–because its not just about the image anymore, its what it says about my own body, both its beauty and its flaws.

I could go on about each project but I’m not the best with words. Maybe one day soon I’ll suck it up and put my thoughts down in words. For now, I’ll communicate with a visual: just one frame from a small collection I created recently. I’ll be sharing more soon. (update: the whole collection is up HERE now. Take a look)


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