Katch Silva
I am Kateryn. You can call me Katch. This is me and Kory on our wedding day.

Kory and I have a pretty simple life. We’re big on nature. We camp. We hike. We bike. We’re rock climbers. I was born and raised on my grandparents’ farm in Colombia, and Kory grew up in Montana. We were pretty much destined for an outdoorsy life, and we love it. We daydream of moving to South America to live in a cabin and climb the days away. Maybe someday.

I guess this whole thing is more about us than about me, but Kory is a giant part of me, and a description of myself would not be accurate without including him. He (and what we have together) is the main reason I’m passionate about creating images of love. So if you’re up for it, I’d love to collaborate with you to create something permanent and beautiful that tells your story.

Send me an e-mail, or contact me here, I’d love to hear from you.
hello [at] katchsilva [dot] com

Here we are looking over Pottenstein, Germany, a self portrait:katch silva photography

In Vietnam on our honeymoon, climbing:Kory and Katchlast photo above taken by Nirav Patel